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veeeb geht in Serie! :-)

5. November 12 / 09:35

veeeb in TV: Have a look! -> veep :-)

What do you think – do they need a semantic editor in the white house?

veeeb in ontonaut

9. February 12 / 18:31

veeeb uses Ontonaut as its semantic extraction provider now. Ontonaut is a new service developed by Top 21 GmbH and Attensity which ultimate goal it is to make the WWW more valuable by improving content linking.

Ontonaut provides a API for recognizing and extracting names, cities, companies and more from your text. Different from other services like Ontonaut not only supports the German language but is also best in it! One reason for that is that the technologie behind Ontonaut has been supported by the German government (Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Technologie – BMWi) :-)

If you want to know more about Ontonaut you can visit them on the THESEUS-Congress in Berlin next week!  ( 13.2.-15.2. )

Have fun using veeeb and Ontonaut!

SMILA conference 29.6.2011

27. June 11 / 12:04

On Wednesday I will attend the SMILA (Semantic Information Logistics Architecture) conference in Berlin.

SMILA is a java framework which allows you to  access and search unstructured information.

Example: The WebCrawlerPipelet extracts content from a website and the LuceneIndexPipelet stores the content in a specified lucene index. Via the http-requests you can access and search the index instantly – (have a look at the “5 Minutes to Success” article).

As the name  ”pipelet” implies, you can assemble various pipelets in one pipeline (using BPEL). For me that’s the key feature of SMILA: assemble different services to enrich your content. That’s how we are currently exploring SMILA for veeeb.
As you may know, we are currently getting information about extracted topics (or entities) in veeeb via – for example we get freebase information about the person Heidi Klum. freebase has a lot of topics and a lot of information about them. But its all in english and its only one repository.

Via SMILA we will be able to aggregate information in other sources like wikipedia and even custom repositories for example about persons in your company and provide the author with this information. This new service we are developing is not only useful in veeeb but will also be useful in other applications.

I am looking forward to the conference to see how others are using SMILA.

Have a look at SMILA.


Great new features in May

10. May 11 / 11:31

It´s been quite a while since we last updated our veeeb editor. We were working on some pretty cool new features for you.
We´ve added a few usability enhancements as well as a great new view to work with.
In the past you got only a little tooltip for extracted topics, now there is a complete view for that. You get the description of the topic, an image (if available) and the information from freebase about that displayed topic.

But thats not all. You will find this view very similar to the image detail view, where you can get detailed information about a found image. As with the image view you can cycle through the topics without closing the view.
On some extracted topics from your text there are multiple possible matches from freebase, like for instance you have the word “Obama” in your text. For this you can find several terms on freebase, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama or Barack Obama Sr. You can access those terms directly on the extracted topics with all their information.

Now that we have the basics covered, let´s digg in to the cool stuff.
If you have people in your text and those people have a Twitter account, you can view their last tweets right in the editor, to see what they were up to in the last time.
With that you can enrich your text with on the minute information about your subject.

But thats not all. For locations like cities or countries we have included a Google Maps view. (To use this feature in your blog you have to get a Google Maps API Key for the domain you are running your blog on. Follow to signup)

FAQ: veeeb Semantic Editor v2

24. February 11 / 11:12

What Does veeeb Mean?

“veeeb” is a “mashup” word, like veeeb is a mashup himself .  Its a mix of vibe and (RSS)-feed, meaning that veeeb lets you consume and collect information in an easy vibrant way!

What Is the Difference Between veeeb v1 and veeeb Semantic Editor?

veeeb version 1 was more of a tool for viewing and downloading things from the included plugins. It was very innovative. But driven by customer needs we changed the direction of veeeb towards an editor, which applies the power of veeeb much better.

While writing an article your text gets analyzed and you can search all the plugins in veeeb with the found keywords.

Which Content Providers Are Searchable Via veeeb

On our homepage we present you a free collection of plugins you can search with for images, movies,  text-articles.

Right now you can search

images on:

movies on,

text articles and products on

  • Google News
  • Google Search
  • Amazon Books
  • Amazon (all products)
  • Springer

The kicker is, we can embed any other searchable API through our plugin architecture.

It can be your media asset management system as well as your content management system, if you want to research in your archived articles, while writing a new one.

What Other Content Providers Can Be Embedded In veeeb to Be Searchable

All we need to embed a new plugin is a simple API with a search feature and a detail information feature. But also a simple RSS url will do, if you can add parameters like this:

How Long Does It Take to Create a Plugin

Dependes a little on how complex your API is, but if it is as simple as a RSS-feed
or as the fotolia-API, one day will do.

All New veeeb Editor

3. February 11 / 12:19

The new veeeb semantic editor has a new Look&Feel: tidied up, clearer and more effective.

The feedback of our customers is very important to us. Based on their remarks we completely redesigned the Look&Feel of the first editor. The result is very appealing as we might say.

The veeeb semantic editor is now much more adjusted to redactional work. Writing an article on a bright background is a lot more fun. Semantic topcis of the text are now much better organized and easier to use. Searching for media is better seperated from writing but always in an easy access.

Just try it on

veeeb semantic editor in new Look&Feel

veeeb semantic editor in new Look&Feel

2011 and Interesting Links

14. January 11 / 08:15

Happy New Year to everybody!

in 2011 we will be changing a lot. The veeeb editor will get a new elegant and userfriendly design and will be implemented in a very promising portal around writing and selling articles. I would not tell to much, but there will be more information in february, so stay tuned :-)

Until then have a look at these interesting links, which will keep you busy until the release of the new veeeb editor:

    still beta – your personal web timeline: view and share your entire online life in one place
    a very interessting semantic API which extracts expressions of opinions
  • semanticengineland article
    “The Big List: 168 Marketing Trends, Predictions & Resolutions For 2011” on

Have a nice start in 2011.

New plugins for veeeb´s wordpress editor

5. November 10 / 15:32

We have a few goodies for the weekend for you.

With the new Amazon plugin you can search for products to buy from You can add them to your text by drag&drop and they are displayed as links so that your readers can also by them.

To give you the full range of providers for high quality Royalty-Free images we have added the service of to our plugin repository. Now you can browse another 9,500,000 images, buy the ones you like and add them to your blog posts.

We have also made quiet a big change in how you work with our editor. The known veeeb tab is still there, but when you click it, you´re in for a treat. To use our editor in its full glory, we´ve expanded it over the complete page so that you can concentrate on writing your post and enrich it with the images you like. With that change your are now able to switch between the veeeb editor and the standard editors back and forth, without having to relead the veeeb editor like before.

Thats it for the week.


New features in our WordPress plugin

28. October 10 / 15:33

This week we´ve added two new plugins. Both to search Google. One lets you search through Google News and the other one delivers the same results as the Google web search.

To fully utilize these two new plugins we´ve included a new feature into the editor. It is now possible to convert a selected word into a hyperlink. Kind of like in the WordPress editor. Plus you can drag&drop your found results from the Google plugins directly into your text. So no more copy&paste a link from your browsers adressline into the text.

You can of course edit your links afterwards. To do so, position the cursor over a link that you want to edit and click the button “Create/Edit Link” displayed under the link.

The following window lets you enter your link destination, set the open method and test out your link.

As always you can grab the plugin from the wordpress page or you can use the update function in the “Plugins” section of your blog.

Update of the veeebeditor WordPress plugin

15. October 10 / 10:11

Exciting news from the veeeb editor.

We have updated the WordPress plugin and added the ability to search the media library from your blog! This makes it incredibly easy to add your own images to the text you are writing.

Just click the WordPress logo in the veeebeditor to activate it, if it isn´t already. Now you can search your library and simply drag the images into your text. Super fast and easy, right?

To get the latest version, go to our plugin page and download the new version, or if you have already installed the veeebeditor you can update it directly in your blog.

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